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Pictures 2-23 are courtesy of Alex Corven
24-26 Pictures Submitted by Devon
27-28 Pictures Submitted by
Metal Crow

Eric with Evil Laugh
Eric by Dumpster Shivering
Shelly Being Raped
Eric Dead on the Floor
Eric falling off Building
Eric Plunges to his Death (Closeup)
Eric Plunges to his Death (Wide Shot)
The Evaporating Blood on Eric's Hands
Mirror of Eyes
Eric Ducking after Tin Tin throws Knife
Eric Swings Knife Away

Eric with in Flashback Scene
Eric in a Flashback Moment
Eric and Shelly Together
Eric and Shelly Dancing Together
Eric with Mask On
Eric talking to Albrecht
Eric talking to Albrecht 2
Eric Looking Up
Eric with Darla (Morphine)
Eric Smiling
Eric Draven Light Bulb
The Crow Behind the Scenes
The Crow Behind the Scenes 2
The Crow Behind the Scenes 3
The Crow Promo Cards
NEW! Crow Gun Promo
NEW! Crow Gun Promo 2
NEW! Crow sitting in Chair with Head Down


Sarah with Flowers
Sarah with Hangman's Joke Album
Shelly Happy
Shelly Blowing Bubbles
Albrecht with Torres
Albrecht with Hat On
Albrecht Smoking in Office
Smoking a Cigarrete Inside Loft
Darla Looking Happy


All Bads Guys Pointing Guns at Each Other
Top Dollar and Myca
Tin Tin Looking On
Tin Tin Stabbed to Death
Fun Boy with Baseball Bat
Fun Boy Flipping Bullet
T-Bird Taped Up
T-Bird reading Passage
Grange with Gun
Grange Shutting Up Sarah
Myca:"This is all the power you ever had......Pity"
Myca Sitting Down
Myca opening Sword display
Skank Scarred
Skank Firing it Up
Gideon Looking On
Gideon with Cut on Head

*Please do not use these images for your website without permission! Please Email Me to let me know and give me credit.*


"Today's not a good day to be a bad guy"

Pictures 2-9 are courtesy of Vicente Pellicer Garcia
Picture 10 is courtesy of Nicole Cleveland

Top Dollar with Sword
Top Dollar looking on

Eric Confronting Tin Tin
Eric leaning on grave
Eric Draven weak
Eric Draven giving flowers to grave
Eric with arm around Shelly
Eric and Shelly Hugging in Garden
Eric Draven in Looking at Gideon
Killing on Devil's Night
Shelly in Bridal Gown
Getting ready to Stab Tin Tin
Top Dollar:"Are you with me or What"
Top Dollar Smiling
Japanese Crow Poster
Crow with Gun
Shelly as an Angel


Pictures 1-3 are courtesy of Violent Bella
16-18 Pictures Submitted by Metal Crow

The Crow asking to "Try Again"
Eric Draven looking Back
Eric Draven talking to Fun Boy
Walking through Doors
"I Just Want Him"
Looking at Top Dollar
"Shelly" (w/ring)
"Try Harder....Try Again"
Blasting right through Devil's Night
Devil's Night Kill
"Give me the Girl"
Closeup with Bird on Shoulder
Moving towards window with Crow
Eric in a Daze
NEW! Eric looking onto illumination
NEW! Eric walking by grave
NEW! Eric with Crow Perched


Poster of him Walking Through Doors
Promo with Guitar & Hands Up
Promo in The Rain

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